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Here is what Angry Snowboarder Avran Lefebre has to say about the new Amplid Ticket:

"... here’s where this board sticks out. This thing rips carves and just feels super locked in on edge when you’re just cruising. When you aggressively drive this board you can lay it over and feel the power out of the tail as it propels you out of a turn. The edge to edge power transmission is super fluid and powerful. This board wants to be on edge and it wants you to push it hard. If you like railing deep hard carves this is a deck to consider.

Rider in Mind: Price conscious all mountain guy.

Personal Thoughts: This board packs a punch for the price. It’s a serious bang for the buck ripper. I wasn’t expecting it to be this stiff or as assertive. It did break in a bit as the day went on but damn did this board just want to haul ass and leave trenches in its path. I was really blown away by this board..."

Check out the full review in this video!