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Amplid X Movember Foundation

Every year hundreds of thousands of men are affected by diseases like Prostate Cancer and mental health problems which if tackled head-on can be managed or even cured. The problem with men is, we'd prefer to put our heads in the sand than face-up to the scary possibility that there might be something wrong with us, so we put off that doctor's trip and hope the unusual symptom will go away. The Movember Foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses it's energies on bringing awareness of these diseases to the male population so that individuals are more likely to get an early prognosis and be in a better position to tackle their illness.

Since a large majority of Amplid's customers are men and with snowboarding and skiing's demographics getting older, we think it makes plain good business sense to help keep as many men alive as possible. This is why Amplid is teaming-up with the Movember Foundation to create a very limited number of ski and snowboards with a custom Movember graphic which will be available to for purchase by the public from November this year. All of the profits from the sale of these awesome shreds will go directly to Movember.

We need your help to guarantee this collaboration's success and to make sure that we can sign the guys at Movember the fattest cheque possible. Please click on the link below and choose your favourite colourway and Mo style from the three graphic options you'll discover as you browse down the page.