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Product Video: The Purist Series

“Reduce to the max, but keep the Amplid board experience as the highest maxim” – this was our project in brief, when we started to develop the Purist Series. 

We wanted to cater to a new rider group, a group with a more minimalistic approach to snowboarding. Riders for whom no graphics are the best graphics. Who hate to own a board which will be out of fashion next winter. Who want to ride a stealth looking puristic snowboard, where the geometry’s beauty does the talking. Or put simply: Simplicity!

But what can we leave out of a board without sacrificing performance? Trimming down cosmetics and details was one main factor to reach this target. Do we need a little glossy screen print here? Do we need a semitransparency there? Should the base have a cost-intense complicated die cut design? Every “no” in this equation could shave off a buck, or five! However woodcore, weaving, edges, ABS, topsheet material … no cheap substitutes on this front for the sake of performance!

The next question was: Which board shapes should be put into the new Purist Series?

Taking the popularity of the award-winning Paradigma and the Stereo (its twin brother) as our jump-off point, we subtly dialed back the specs to create new all-mountain dominators that won’t break the bank, and we got the Memory Stick and the Cab Driver as their offspring.

But we wanted to add a third swalloid and slightly tapered geometry to this new range and created the all new Soul Mate, a proud inheritor of elements from the Singular, the Killswitch and - with some DNA - from the Souly Grail.

We paired these new creations with an easy-to-maintain extruded base and low camber for epic performance all over the hill – and the result is our most affordable board range ever. Whether it’s day 1 or day 100, pow, park or hardpack… you can now access Amplid’s legendary performance quality while saving more cash for those precious lift tickets.


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