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Antidote Review - Newschoolers

The Antidote is Amplid's new park ski which blends playful camrock and versatile 5-dim shaping with a 90mm waist and an aggresive sidecut. It's neither a traditional park ski or a uber buttery, mid-fat all-mountain freestyle ski... it's somwehere between the two. A ski for skiers who want to get buttery and creative but get snow conditions that aren't soft enough to enjoy a wide, noodle-like ski. We sent a pair of Antidotes to Newschoolers' Euro editor Twig and without any hints he came-up with same consclusion. Most importantly Twig loved the ski. Here's an extract from his review and you can find a link to the entire review below: 

 "They essentially ski like a skinny version of the mid-fats I love to ride day to day. The flex is still what I'd call medium in the tip/tail and solid underfoot. But there is a lot of rocker so the Antidote is seriously easy to butter. They are also extremely light to spin thanks to the symmetrical shape/5cut and poppy thanks to a combo of camber underfoot, carbon stringers (along the base not the topsheet so they actually do something) and the flex. The solid also flex means I never wheelied out on landings but if you got really backseat you would. They aren't a dedicated jump ski but they do hold their own fine."