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Blister Gear Review - Amplid Milligram

The guys at Blister know how to conduct a product review. Their extensive testing is conducted throughout the winter and the opinions they share are opinions that consumers can trust. Andrew Forward, Blister's chosen splitboard tester put the Miligram through its paces and then wrote a comprehensive two page review of the board. Here's a couple of quick exerts from the review:

"The snappiness of the board is really emphasized in deep, soft snow—turns can be initiated so fast that it feels like the board porpoises above the snow between carve; something that I have rarely experienced on a splitboard."

"The Milligram is perfect for anyone seeking to have an extremely lightweight, one splitboard quiver. Of the splitboards I have ridden, it is by far the closest thing to solid board performance I’ve found."

You can read the full review at