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Creamer Review - Snowsurf Magazine

With the French Alps on their doorstep, Snowsurf Magazine has the perfect local terrain for testing a Freeride board in all conditions. The testers liked the Creamer so much that they awarded it a "Top of the Pop" award. Here's a translation of the review. You can see the orginal review in French here.

"The Creamer is the freeride all-terrain Amplid’s directional shape  with an S-Rocker camber, which is to say, there is a portion regular camber between the tail and inserts then a great rocker from there. It's a solid board to send anywhere with security on large faces. From the first ride we knew that its strengths are speed, handling when carving and flotation in powder. These features also add comfort well above average! This freeride aircraft is clearly effective for backcountry hunting and strong attack, not to mention its versatility. Indeed, the Creamer performs in all types of terrain and with gusto. Large carves on the pisted slopes or kickers; it will meet the expectations of modern and versatile freeriders who love to take some air without breaking their feet.

Positives – Large rocker after the bindings / speed carving / floatation
Negatives - None"