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Paradigma Review - Angry Snowboarder

Every brand knows that a review can make or break a product. Avran and the team of testers at the Angry Snowboarder do things a little different to a lot of magazine tests, they give opinion-loaded feedback on the product without pulling any punches. If they don't like the board, you'll certainly know about it. Here's a quick exert from the website's review of Amplid's all-mountain freestyle board, the Paradigma which has a new camber and flex profile for the 15/16 season and is aimed squarely at advanced riders who want a powerful do-everything snowboard. You can read the whole review at

"Compared to a lot of the other options out there nowadays it’s not quite the right shape to be a BC freeride deck for the average guy but an experienced rider could make a good big mountain freestyle deck out of it. It’s a beefy board. Good for going fast, turning hard, crushing chunder, and sending anything a resort could throw at you."