The Reincarnation of Stoke – The HEISE Game

Apr 8, 2008


Photo: Ortmaniacs

World famous Amplid Ambush Rider Stefan Markhauser a.k.a. “Heise” is stoked. He was rocking at a contest last weekend, has probably the best backyard railpark a young jibkid seeks in his hard-on-est dreams, and: His park is now available as an own level for a videogame called JIBBINGAME. You can download the level right here.

If you don’t have the game installed on your computer, you have to create an account (free and fast) on the website. Then install the game (Downloads/Jibbin+RC install). Next you have to follow the “How to install” file which is in the zip file (the level file).

Next feel to hear what the NEWSCHOOLER’s blog talks about it …

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