UNW8 Review - Snowmagazine.com

Jan 22, 2015

The gear editor and a handful of testers at online magazine snowmagazine.com were able to spend a little time on the UNW8 last winter. Not known for its friendly manner and jovial personality, the UNW8 is one of those boards that tends to unsettle snowboarders who don't fit in the "experienced" catagory, but the team of testers on the whole appreciated the electric ride and monster pop. You can read the full review at www.snowmagazine.com, but we've taken an out-take from the article and pasted it below:

"Our first observation was that the UNW8 (or un-weight) doesn't pull any punches; it's a stiff all-mountain snowboard built exclusively for experienced and athletic snowboarders.

On the pistes we found the full length camber and carbon 'V-POP' stringers apply a lot of pressure at the contact points of the board, which for the more advanced riders provided impressive edge hold and for the less experienced riders, plenty of spills.

The UNW8 is expensive but the quality of the finish and the premium materials are reflected in the price.

In the powder the directional shape and set-back stance does a lot to compensate for the stiff flex and camber, but there are definitely more floaty boards on the market.

To sum it up, the UNW8 is a firm and very responsive, all-mountain snowboard. It is best suited to experienced snowboarders who know how to work a board's edges and flex to carve and pop around the mountain."