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Amplid Infiltrates Alta

Alta Resort, Utah, is one of three remaining bastions where skiers can go about their business without the dregs of society (also known as snowboarders) showing up and ruining the peace and serenity… Luddites. Many attempts have been made in the past to “poach” these backwards thinking resorts but still the management remains defiant. Amplid [...]

Amplid Amplifies Mojo

Although not clinically proven, we speculate that Amplid can improve your attraction to the opposite sex. In the video above, shot by Tom Ewbank and Rob Ross for the 24-7 Cavern Pub video contest (held annually in Morzine, France), the main character Charles turns from an unbearable toff into one low down gangsta, a hit [...]
Usun Yoon is a pretty big deal in Spain and is best known for her presenting work on Spanish news programme El Intermedio on the La Saxta network. Usun recently visited 360 Extrem, a extreme sports training facility situated in Andorra to run a news feature on the set-up. Roped into actually riding the foam [...]
International playboy and Cartel team aficianado Teddy Berr dropped into Barcelona for a short visit and sent us these pics. Teddy’s memories of the trip can be viewed from his Instagram photos, we’re willing to bet he can’t remember a lot more. Whilst in town he hooked up with fellow Cartel rider and Barcelona local [...]


Little history lesson: Left page of the 1987 Burton catalogue shows Amplid cofounder Peter Bauer doing a nice little eurocarve. Yes, human mankind had some strange taste in the 80-ies …

Method Shadow Puppet

Just to prove it’s a method and not a backscratcher or suitcase, Yannick filmed his shadow grabbing a tweaky Method air. More fool the dude sat in Yannick’s shadow’s landing.


  Literally :-) ! Looks like Xavier Favre is training for the mogul olympic contest. No worries, it’s part of his physio therapy …


We thought we’d post this one because we like it. Greets from the ARC.  

Teddy Berr at 9 Queens

How Teddy Berr makes his way through the 9 Queens Big Air. Oh Teddy, Why??? Whatever…
  Nope, not Mcrae. He’d be rider of the month. We are talking about the guy behind the camera: Rich !!! He’s the guy making sure our riders get all the coverage necessary to get all the girls, all the access-to-all-areas bracelets, free drinks and all that celeb schwag which makes life easier. Here comes [...]


Peter Bauer taking out first place at the Fuzzy-Surfer/Snowboard competition somewhere like 1985. Now 20 years later he finally managed to stop wasting time by snowboarding in tights and founded Amplid, to put the pieces together. Horns up for Peter … Riding is RnD! :-)


   It’s in the sommer or on downdays, when ambush rider Harry Juen disappears in his dark basement and develops indestructable chairs or other things which make life more comfortable. Vroni (Amplid Germany) and ambush rider Jürgen Nigg, testing literally their asses off. Kaunertal Opening, last weekend.  

HEISE: Bavarian Blues Rap

OK, you guys might be wondering why we would post a Nitro video on our blog …!? Well, besides the fact that we’re really good friends with the Nitroids, we wanted to make sure that you don’t miss out on this one: Our teamrider Stefan “Heise” Markhauser, doing a cultural-melting-pot-like-blues-rap on Marc Swoboda and his [...]

That´s all folks

Tirolian Teddy surviving summer by reading skimags?!?!

Being Into Pussycats

Aaron Berger, summer shredding without comments :-) !

Conveyor Tailgrind

Ever heard about that trick? No? Switzerland’s ARC icon Aaron Berger has invented it. Here comes Aaron, like always late, trying to catch his plane – redefining the meaning of “wheelie bag”.

One for the summer!

We found Teddy Berr´s sister applying for the girls big air comp “9 Queens”. Too hot to miss!


Taste is subjectiv. And so is style. Hopefully that style had its right of existence in its days. Austrian railmaster Harry Jay and his drinking mate, celebrating the end of the season, by sacrificing their livers to the goddess of snow for a better 2012/13 powder season.


… starts right here ! :-)
Kirkwood, CA –  2011 – With a storm rolling in, making the day a one-run competition, last year’s men’s overall tour winner Aaron Robinson was determined, and succeeded in taking home not only the win at Kirkwood but the overall title for a second year in a row. Iris Lazzareschi scored first for the women [...]


Amplid cofounder Peter Bauer and HTM marketing guru Xavier Mora simply posing for a SPY ad. Thanks SPY-guys for hooking us up with stuff!!!

Wanna Be Queen…

teddy berr arc nine queens
Or check pics HERE! The Scuol Park is awesome! Check it out!

The Sky is the Limit

Teddy spreading the Ampword at the  Downdays Premiertour of “Motivation” in Milano (Italy). He was “happy as a little kid” eventhough he didn´t manage to hook up with a girl! He also commented: ” Italian guys aren´t as small as everybody says!” (“MOTIVATION” will be available for free download next week on
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