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This board is by far one of the best carving boards I’ve ever been on. It takes things up a notch and changes the whole dynamic of how you ride. This isn’t going to be for everyone, but for those that have a hard on for Korua they need to be looking at this. It’s a board that is so unique in its ride I don’t think this review does it justice.
Why we chose the Amplid Pentaquark Snowboard: Life on the edge doesn’t come faster, smoother or scarier than this.
Amplid founder, Peter Bauer, described his fifteen-year career in snowboard design as the pursuit of the equilibrium between the creative, right side of the brain, and the mathematical left side. In the case of the Pentaquark, it might be the closest he’s come to finding it yet. This is a carving man’s carving board: power; performance; precision; perfection.
ACT Magazine, French purveyor of great snowboarding content, put a good number of Amplid's 18/19 collection through its rigorous board test last spring. As you can read from the reviews, they liked the gear beneath their feet. Awarding "ACE OF ACT" awards to the Surfari, Stereo and Paradigma. We've translated the reviews into English for your pleasure. Be sure to buy a copy of the magazine if you want to read the original French reviews.
Last winter, French snowboard rag, Snowsurf Magazine, put the majority of Amplid's 17/18 snowboard collection to the test. Straight to the point and super insightful, head tester Franky and his crew always deliver a true picture of the boards they're reviewing. Read our English translations here or read the originals in French at