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While snowboarding has its specialists – street rail riders, powder hounds and pipe dogs to name a few – the board that is best suited to 99% of the snowboarding population is the 'all-mountain', general-purpose ride that will do everything well. The problem with the mythical ‘one board for everything’ is that different terrain types, styles of riding and even snow conditions demand different board shapes and constructions to really excel, meaning many all mountain boards are decent at many things rather than great.
Amplid has always walked a fine line between tech-boffin wizardry and raw passion. In the former category, the brand’s crowning glory is its brace of ultra-light splitboards – the Milligram and Millisurf. While their performance is undeniable, not everyone wants or needs something quite so fine-tuned, especially when it means shelling out more cash.
TOPPTYRICON is a film featuring Big Mountain riding on the west coast of norway, from Trygg Lind, Emil Leenderts, Henrik Ulleland, Christopher Lange, and Jacob wester, with additional appearances by Calum Mcintyre, Severin Welle, and Even Melhus. The filming for this project in took place in Høgevarde for four days in January, Sogndal for three days in February, with most of the footage filmed in the Volda/ Ørsta area of Sunnmøre in March, April and May of 2023.
Although it’s a pow-friendly silhouette, the Soul Mate shares a lot of its DNA with the all mountain Singular series. In truth it’s a modern quiver of one aimed at riders who appreciate details like core profile and build quality more than some flashy artwork. They want a board that does it all, that won’t cost the earth and which will never look dated. In short, the purists.
Whats better than having a nice session on a Jump in the middle of nowhere with a nice powder landing? Here a short recap of 2 Days Out There surrounded by friends and wonderful landscapes.
In this case it took us one day to built up the kicker. On the next day we went up to jump it. Enjoy

Good Old Friend

Watch our rider Victor Heim and friends in this little movie "GOOD OLD FRIEND", all shot on his hometurf in Tyrol.
The Amplid Aloha Vibes has a mellow camber that is more pronounced near the tail but then has a pretty long mellow transition into early rise from the front foot to a little before the nose. It tracks very well without feeling unforgiving but it is super wide so kinda hard to skid a turn for smaller boot sizes like mine. Still not a deal breaker though...
We are proud to annouce that SNOWSURF MAGAZINE in France has decorated this beautiful deck with the coveted "Top 10 des meilleurs snowboards pas chers" award. We let Deepl do the translation for all non-french-speaking riders. The original french text you can read down below!
"This was the longest line of my life!" Skinning up a full day and sleeping in a bivy, to get a two minute nonstop supersteep untracked powder line - would you do that? Well, Victor Heim did. And the payback was pretty sick!
Watch Victor's line in Amplid's new video series QUOTES. And tag a friend who is into endless powderfaces as well.
The Amplid Souly Grail is part of the centrifugal collection range, which focuses on a carving approach to the mountains, from groomed to coarse powder in the case of this model. What we got was a really good freeride board with an interesting carving orientation. You get all the components of a board that's there to track, fast and far. It's ultra-stable, the grip is very good and you'll feel confident at high speeds, whether on smooth terrain or 4x4...
The winner of the ALL-ROUND SURF SHAPE award this season, the Kodama, is Amplid ‘s main new release for this season’ splitboard catalog. Available in a single 156cm length, the Kodama’s swallow tail shape, the low camber profile with early rise, plus a fat 268mm waist width, result in one of the most amazing feelings of floating on powder we’ve ever experienced. With most of its surface layed towards the nose, and the swallow tail, the Kodama is designed...
The MOST VERSATILE award of the season goes to the Amplid Tour Operator, a true quiver-killer that is outstandingly adaptable and versatile. Its directional shape – with setback stance – low camber and early rise profile is everything you need to enjoy flawless performance no matter the terrain and snow condition, from mixed snow on demanding terrain, to deep powder where a maximum floatability is required...
We really enjoyed riding this Singular, comfortable in switch with a responsive ollie pop. A snowboard that carves well, as is often the case with Amplid. A snowboard that's fun to ride, with a consistent flex that's responsive but playful without pushing you around. You'll be able to go anywhere in the resort, from the snowpark to the freeride - everything you'd expect from a versatile snowboard. The icing on the cake is the quality construction and beautiful finish.
This budget-friendly freeride offers the conventional with comfort at all speeds and smooth transitions from short to long turns. It delivers the sensations of off-road pleasure. The Soulmate is a new variation of the higher-end freerides Souly Grail and Killswitch. The design remains true to the same philosophy, seeking progressiveness and stability, but with a softer flex and a standard waist width. Long, fluid turns are impeccable, making you want to go fast...
Full-depth channels are strategically CNC-ed into the core and filled with a low-shore-hardness Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). The TPU material has a viscoelastic behaviour, meaning it deforms under force and then returns to its original shape, but absorbs energy in the process. Our VISCO DAMP 2.0 is now extended into the tip of the board. Newly designed wave structures of the channels amplify the absorbtion effect due to the enlarged cohesion area.
"Japow"? According to popular believe, "Japow" is a term used by snowboarders to refer to the deep, high-quality powder snow found in the mountains of Japan. It's a combination of "Japan" and "powder." Japan is known for its abundant and consistent snowfall in many of its mountainous regions, particularly in Hokkaido and the northern Honshu island. This heavy, dry, and fluffy powder snow is highly sought after by snow enthusiasts because it provides an excellent riding experience due to its light and fluffy texture, which allows for smooth turns and deep carving. "Japow" is a colloquial term used to describe the exceptional powder conditions that make Japan a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts.
For years now, the UNW8 has been a favorite of some of our reviewers. It’s a pretty demanding board, but paired with an advanced rider used to the feel of a full-camber board, the UNW8 offers a precise and poppy ride in a lightweight platform. It’s ideal for those who like to go fast and who know how to use a full-camber profile to their advantage. That said, its lack of rocker and stiff flex pattern demand deliberate, precise input, especially in challenging conditions. It also makes the UNW8 feel a bit less playful than many softer, more freestyle-oriented options here (e.g., the next board).
The Millisurf continues to be a favorite of ours because of how much performance (and just plain fun) it provides on the descent, given how light it is. It surfs powder easily, is a blast to carve, and feels great on the skin track (stated weight of ~2850 g for the 161 cm). Similar to the Never Summer Swift, the Millisurf feels very surf-like while carving, yet rides similarly to a more traditional board with a supportive tail (in contrast to the shorter Venture Euphoria or Rossignol Sushi).
When one has been living snowboard design and manufacturing for more than 35 years - can those skills one has acquired during this period be called “experience”? Probably! One thing we know for sure, it’s how we design and manufacture our boards at Amplid: Differently! Therefor we need to bring forth the courage to leave beaten paths, and to question existing raw materials and manufacturing processes...
The Snommelier easily cuts through dry blower pow and wet spring pow, feeling exceptionally fast and encouraging giant, arcing turns in situations where smaller boards can feel sluggish or twitchy at speed. If you frequently ride big, open lines and prefer high-speed, drawn-out turns over tight carves and slashes, the Snommelier could make for an excellent addition to your quiver.
The Pentaquark is one of the most fun and effective groomer-specific carving boards we’ve used. There are a lot of boards listed here that are more versatile, but the accessibility of the Pentaquark’s carving capabilities makes even the blandest of snow conditions fun. If you’re looking to add a board to the quiver that’ll help you make the most of groomed trails, put this one on your list.
You have a medium flex that doesn’t seem to mellow out in the tip/tail and might even be a touch stiffer at the ends. The Amplid Souly Grail isn’t easy to butter for average riders but it pops really hard on an ollie. I love how dynamic this flex is for how damp it is. This is what really makes the Amplid Souly Grail shine as a board. It has incredible vibration/chatter absorption. It can handle hard microbumpy snow just as well as soft, uneven snow. I don’t think I’ve ridden a board this damp with this kind of flex.
I love the way they lift the sides because you only feel the more smooth turning experience from the lift in powder and really soft snow. On groomers it doesn’t feel washy and you only have a normal camber feel. This means you get a pretty locked in feel that isn’t washy like some boards with lifted sides or spoon nose tech. This is not that easy to skid a turn if you get off your game but it tracks soo well one footing and flat basing.
Discover this captivating and ever-expanding lineup of innovative, one-of-a-kind riding snowboards crafted to introduce fresh sensations while carving through pristine groomers or gliding through deep powder. With their larger-than-life dimensions and unconventional contours, these backcountry marvels transform the entire mountain into a playground of surf-inspired excitement that surpasses even your wildest imagination.
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