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In the words of the manufacturer: "Whether it's carving freshly groomed slopes at full speed right from the start, maintaining credibility in the park, or effortlessly sinking waist-deep into the powder, this new ultimate board is designed for all types of terrain and snow conditions".

We tested the Amplid Singular 2024 board for you:
The Amplid Singular is Amplid's big news since last season. It's a unisex board that lasts for two seasons, that you choose according to your size rather than your gender (6 sizes available from 144 to 166), and it also comes in the Amplid Singular Twin version. These 2 new Singulars replace the Playfull All Mountains range, which included Paradigma, Creamer, Lovelife, Stereo and Gogo.

We really enjoyed riding this Singular, comfortable in switch with a responsive ollie pop. A snowboard that carves well, as is often the case with Amplid. A snowboard that's fun to ride, with a consistent flex that's responsive but playful without pushing you around. You'll be able to go anywhere in the resort, from the snowpark to the freeride - everything you'd expect from a versatile snowboard. The icing on the cake is the quality construction and beautiful finish.

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