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Amplid have been leading the way in snowboard innovation in their own way for some time, and it’s reassuring to see them producing splitboard specific models, rather than cutting the fan favourites right down the middle. The combination of performance, durability and split specific innovation make the Surf Shuttle one of the best value, longest lasting, and straight out the box shreddable rides out there.
Since splitboard development has reached the end of the road in terms of weight optimization, Peter, founder of Amplid, wanted to know if it is possible to further reduce the weight of his splitboards during the ascent. Because we all dislike heavy snow, which sticks sometimes more or less on our skis during the ascent. Especially not when it resists repeated scraping. So Peter Bauer developed the Stratospheric Topsheet. This is supposed to reflect incoming heat radiation better from the board, therefore causing a cooler surface on which the snow no longer sticks.
The new split innovation at Amplid is a mixture of the Milligram (for construction) and Millisurf (for shape), with this shortened fish tail it is pleasant to turn short and lean on it with confidence. So it is clearly a Millisurf a little bit more solid and less in search of absolute lightness. Although technical, this is not the kind of board that is appreciated at the first curve, it takes a little time to adjust, because she wants to move forward and she doesn't have much patience.
All aboard! The Surf Shuttle is one of Amplid’s new splitboards for the 2020/21 season. It’s built for endless repeat journeys into the backcountry. Combining the powder-primed shape of the Millisurf with the bombproof construction of the Tour Operator, it’s highly adept at holding its nerve in low tide, but truly comes to life when the waves are pumping.