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Full-depth channels are strategically CNC-ed into the core and filled with a low-shore-hardness Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). The TPU material has a viscoelastic behaviour, meaning it deforms under force and then returns to its original shape, but absorbs energy in the process. Our VISCO DAMP 2.0 is now extended into the tip of the board. Newly designed wave structures of the channels amplify the absorbtion effect due to the enlarged cohesion area.

Vibrations caused by tip oscillation create shear forces in the core. Viscodamp’s TPU inserts, which are bonded to the top and bottom laminates, absorb energy during initial shear deformation AND during the elastic return to their original shape, sucking-up vibrational energy and delaying successive vibration oscillations. The damping effect is clear, the weight penalty minimal.

Viscodamp makes riding in every snow-condition smoother, more precise and less fatiguing.

But best is to listen to Angry Snowboarder a.k.a. Avran in this video:


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