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Listen to what Avran has to say about the Spray Tray - Video below:

My Weight: 200lb (Perhaps a bit too heavy for this board _ Comment by Amplid)

Resort: Steamboat Resort

Conditions: Sunny blue skies, 5 to 10 inches of fresh snow on top of crust, chop, chunder, and corduroy.

Flex: This board is on the softer side coming in just below a middle of the road. You get a ton of play in the tips and then the center is a little stiffer but not by much. The torsional flex is highly abundant and really lets you twist the board when you want to.

Stability: This is a really lively board that you feel everything on. When you get into chop or push mounds you can just see and feel the nose buckling back. The tail gets kick around too. Keep those knees bent when you charge because you’re about to feel it all.

Ollies/Pop: The camber profile is really easy to engage and this board pops off everything with ease. This is especially true in fresh snow.

Butterability: With the softer flex and rocker in the nose you can just pow butter your heart out. It flexes so much that you can drive hard into the butter to keep your speed in pow.

Carving: You can over power this board through a turn. It’s just got too much flex in the tail that when you crank it you notice its limitations right away. It’s really good at short quick carves or long drawn out mellow ones. When you rail it, that’s when you notice the limitations.

Rider in Mind: Low angle resort powder rider.

Personal Thoughts: This rides super soft, it would almost be better for a lighter weight rider. Yes it’s wide and has some solid float. In low angle terrain it’s easy to pump the terrain to keep your speed on this thing. It has its place for riders but for someone like me it might be a little too soft and going to an Aloha Vibes makes far more sense.