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Keep Snowboarding 2015

Last week we spotted a couple of photos of team riders Philip Toplitsch and Jonel Fricke at a snowboarding event in the Austrian Alps. We were intruiged because from the photos it looked like everybody was having a ton of fun. Here's what Philip had to say about the "Keep Snowboarding" event which attracted participation from more than 100 riders.

"Last weekend was the MBM "Keep Snowboarding" session. They've decided to stop publishing Snowboarder MBM magazine and they plan to continue with a new name. It wasn't a really a contest, it was a "Schnitzeljagt" with 5 stops. For the Saturday, they shaped a bowl and held a photoshoot to capture a cover photo for the new mag. The other events included a snakerun with Burton Backyards called "Root Rockers", a highest ollie contest, a corner section with various hits in a small river bed and Carving Limbo... basically who can get the lowest when carving. Cyrill took photos and Gigi Rüf, who you might have heard of, joined the session. Regarding the nightlife, you'll have to ask Jonel because I got an early night," - Philip


Philip and is HiDef try to nail a covershot while Jonel takes a nap at the top of the transition.


The riders mount their Burton Backhills at the top of the "Root Rockers" course


The Backhill carnage begins. Snowboarding on a piece of plywood with no bindings is as difficult as it sounds!


Jonel takes some time off MCing duties to poke a stylish backside air over the photographer's head.


Jonel more than makes up for Philip's poor performance in the sixth and final "Apres Challenge".