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Utilizing the materials and technologies developed for the Amplid Milligram, the World's lightest splitboard, the new Facelift touring ski cuts a kilogram of ski weight without sacrificing a gram of performance. Here we take a closer look at this awesome flagship ski.

R&D Never Stops

It's mid-June and temperatures in southern Bavaria, the location of Amplid's headquarter, are soaring to 32 degrees celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). High temperatures haven't stopped Amplid's R&D department from getting to work testing three new ski shapes for the 15/16 product line.
For the last four years the Rockwell has been Amplid's best selling ski. It's irregular geometry and camber-line make it a great do-it-all ski. The ARC Blog sent some questions to the Rockwells' co-designer Peter Bauer to find-out more about a ski that defines versatility.