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Ego Trip Evolution Review - Alpin Magazine

Competing in the 89-98mm category pitted Amplid's Ego Trip Evolution against some big hitters like the Blizzard Zero G, Atomic Backland and Voelkl BMT. Here's what the testers had to say about the ski:

Price: 690 euros
Country of Manufacture: Austria
Tested lengths: 175 cm
Length measured: 173.5 cm
rocker: Tip rocker
Weight (by length): 3320 g (175 cm)
Dimensions (mm): 130 - 95 - 120
Radius: 12.2 m
Weight index: 1.75
Character (good-natured and aggressive): 7/10

In the deep snow
Slow speeds behaviour 6.8
Fast speeds behaviour 7.8
Short turns 7.0
Long turns 7.5
Flat terrain 7.0
Steep terrain 7.8
Good snow 8.0
Snowy snow 7.7

On the slope
Edge grip 7.3
Calm 6.7

Suitable for...
Pistes 6.5
Day tours 7.7
Skid crossing 5.5
Freeride with short ascents 7.2

Amplid is not new on the German market, but still quite niche. This could change with the Ego Trip. The ski had us most convinced in good conditions, but didn't show any weaknesses in other conditions.

Strong in powder | Well balanced | A bit heavy

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