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EXCUSE OUR FRENCH - we let AI do the translation job:

When you've tasted it, it's hard to do without this Spray Tray in the powder... And as a bonus, this mini swallowtail also knows how to show itself very versatile and accessible. It is part of the Future Amplid's Shape, a pure line of ingeniously designed boards for maximum efficiency, with a directional shape on which the inserts are very close to the tail. The front spatula, very wide, goes up to the tail.

Well gradually, with a classic camber and a core that is really Lightweight, it makes you feel like you're flying! It swallows very well all deformations of the ground and catches the edge in short curves on track, a stable board while remaining flexible and easy to handle, at the top of its class.

In the snake runs in the forest, we easily chain the turns, and it offers a nice boost when you're having fun pumping. The the size of the tail leaves no room for the superfluous, there is just the necessary to let the snow go or to throw your ollie. You feel confident by backcountry to replace good jumps, hips and slope breaks. And even if it's not his program, you can also have fun in flat on the track because of its flexibility. Close to Salomon's HPS in its shape, the Spray Tray is lighter to ride and accessible for intermediate to pro levels. With a program like this, there's plenty of room for develop its fluidity and grace.