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Avant Premiere Roadtrip

There’s nothing better than a road trip… wait this isn’t true. There’s nothing better than a road trip that your boss pays for. A couple of weeks ago Gregor (Amplid’s head of sales), Peter (Amplid’s owner and CEO) and Rich (Amplid’s marketing guy) made the 9 hour drive from HQ in the Bavarian Alps to La Clusaz in France for Avant Premiere, European Snowboarding’s biggest industry testival. There the team met with head French rep Flo, his Pyrenean area rep Cyril and of course Andy from Amplid’s UK distributor, Ultrasport. The mission for the four day trip was to get industry feet on the boards and poach as many powder laps as humanly possible… in this respect the trip was a total success. When they weren’t taking laps with the many retailers or dodging rocks in low-tide powder, the team was lounging at Franky Moissonier’s place, the digs for the week. Respect to Franky for churning-out some of the best food ever to grace an Amplid road trip. Working in the wintersports might be hard work but a lot of the time it’s questionable whether what we do it work or fun! Here are some photos from the trip. Many thanks to Yannick and Nico for helping with the demo and providing copious anounts of Vin Rouge.


The Amplid bus, being loaded to the roof with test gear, and co-pilot Gregor.


When your boss insists that he drives the 8hrs journey all you can do is sit back and enjoy the views, which are quite spectacular in the Aosta Valley.


An Amplid team road trip wouldn't be the same without a random detour. This time we drove to the base lodge of Aosta Valley's only private cat-ski resort.


Peter and Flo chow-down on some serious cheese courtesy of Mr Frank Moissonier while Gregor concentrates on digesting in the background.


L to R: Gregor, Yannick, Cyrill, Peter and Franky.


The Balme in La Clusaz is the perfect area to sample the delights of the Pillow Talk... a popular choice for riders looking for something out of the ordinary.


New Ambush recruit Chris "Bratty" Bratt and Big Dreams owner Ben chat with Peter about next winter's product line.