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The Longboard Classic

Touted as the "Woodstock" of snowboarding, the Longboard Classic is a special event with the same grass roots feel as events like the Baker Banked Slalom. It's an opportunity for snowboarding's orginators to get together, reminisce about the old days, debate the future of snowboarding and drink some beers with old friends. Amplid showed up with its demo tent to get three generations of snowboarders on the boards, but it also turned-out to be a good opportunity for Amplid's owner Peter Bauer to catch-up with some faces from the past. Is it worth going, and will Amplid be back next year? You can bet your bottom dollar! Many thanks to the events orgainsers and staff who put on an awesome event.


Things about to get old school! LTR: Peter Bauer, Chuck Barfoot, Bob Klein, Paul Gruber, Mike Jacoby