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Never one to miss a good race, particularly one so close to home, Amplid's Peter Bauer made his way to Kitzsteinhorn last weekend to compete at the Volcom Banked Slalom. As expected the banks and the vibes were all-time!
Amplid's Peter Bauer and handful of buddies made the drive last weekend to Laax in Switzerland to join the SuddenRush Banked Slalom. Organised by snowboarding legends Nicolas Mueller and Terje Haakonsen the Sudden Rush Banked has quickly become an unmissable event in the European Snowboard calendar.
Blue skies and fresh powder greeted the 250 competitors hoping to nail a fast time at the 4th edition of the Volcom Banked Slalom at Kitzsteinhorn glacier resort. Amplid's Peter Bauer made the short journey to Kitzsteinhorn with a selection of boards from Amplid's Centrifugal Collection hoping for a fast run and fun times.
After two weeks of beautiful spring days, winter has returned to Bavaria, bringing heavy snowfalls and bone chilling temperatures. Making the most of the perfect snowboarding conditions and longer days, a crew from Amplid HQ headed to local resort Spitzingsee with the splitboards to poach some perfect pow.
Between the 17th and 19th of February join the Amplid Research Cartel at the Hochkeil ski area in Salzburgerland for the Livingroom Banked Slalom presented by Amplid. So tune-up your board and get yourself registered to race down the Hochkeil's twisting and turning course.
Hosted by Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Mueller, the Laax Sudden Rush Banked Slalom is one of the highlight events of the European winter. Amplid's Peter Bauer went along to catch-up with friends, party and ride some banks and ended-up on the podium!
Think you know what marketing a ski and snowboard brand is all about? Haven't got a clue? Well in this episode of Inside Edge by the Ski Club of Great Britain, Peter and the team at Amplid give some insight into how a brand of Amplid's size markets itself.
Ever wondered what snowboard equipment was like 25 years ago? Peter Bauer climbs in the ARC's time machine and heads back to 1990, when the boards were stiff, the boots were hard and the clothing was much like an acid trip... but more colourful.
By the time the hectic winter season has ended and there's more time to invest into important R&D projects it's usually May. This year May in the northern Alps has been cold and wet which means conditions on Austria's Glaciers have been all-time!
BoardSportSource recently sat down with Amplid's cofounder and owner, Peter Bauer, to talk about the last 30 years of snowboarding, Peter's involvement in the sport and of course Amplid. This interview is a cracker!
Last weekend the Amplid Demo Tour hit Stuben for one of its last outings of the season. The weather forecast for the weekend at St Anton's little neighbour wasn't looking good, but the Longboard Classic was in town so we knew the turn-out would be good.
Today one legend met another legend. Amplid's head honcho Peter Bauer is in Spain to judge the Val D'Aran Freeride contest. The day before the contest Peter met with Spanish legend Mombi to shred some laps and, by the looks of it, drink some Vino Tinto.
Amplid co-founder Peter Bauer has recently gained total control of the company with the acquisition of 100% of the business. Amplid is a rider owned brand, and their proximity to the mountains allows for excellent R&D facilities.
Amplid is proud to announce that Peter Bauer, an original co-founder of the brand, now owns 100% of the business. Founded in 2005 by friends Peter Bauer and Anian Thrainer...