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Weightless and dependable touring sticks

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When weight, safety and reliability are paramount Komperdell’s top-of-the-range touring pole, the CARBON FXP.4 EXPEDITION VARIO, is worth its weight in gold. Touring in the Alps or on expeditions in the Himalayas, these fancy sticks are so lightweight that you’ll only notice them when they’re saving your bacon.

Engineered with special tubes made from the highest quality ultra-light carbon fiber, the resulting pole is extremely stiff and lightweight. Foldable to a pack size of just 43cm, this pole will fit within most freeride and touring specific backpacks. Its overlapping shaft segments, which bolt together easily for touring, guarantee the highest levels of stability and reliability. 

We’re big fans of this model's slip-resistant and sweat-absorbing TAC grips and the new Powerlock 3.0, which never slip and inspire real confidence.

Komperdell backs these sticks with a 3-year guarantee – resolved direct, without tedious bureaucracy and even without a receipt! Those looking for a pole worthy of their Amplid splitboard need look no further!


  • Weight: 260 grams with baskets
  • Maximum pole length: 140 cm
  • Packing length: 48cm
  • Special features: Slip-proof Powerlock 3.0 closures
  • Handle: Expedition Short handle with padded comfort loop
  • Material: upper part: Carbon, ø 18 mm
  • Middle part: Carbon, ø 16 mm
  • Bottom: Titanal, ø 14 mm
  • Miscellaneous: Free pivoting baskets tilt up to 28 ° and adapt to the slope / Abrasion-resistant tungsten / carbide tip