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A Great Week for Stefan Falkeis in Italy

At the beginning of last week Cartel World Cup kicker assassin Stefan Falkeis threw down at the Nissan Stomp-It a 4 star TTR accredited event held in Modena, Italy. The field was predominantly Italian, but there were some big names in attendance including Roope Tonteri, Simon Gruber, Austria’s current Big Air and Slopestyle champion Mathias Weissenbacher and TWS poster boy Fredrick Evensen . The set-up was the same as it had been for the skiers the night before. A sketchy run-in to a hip styled take-off and landing which was ridden by most as a straight kicker. Stefan nailed a clean Cab9 to claim 5th place, a great start to the season and pretty ballsy considering how sketchy the run-in was.  Stefan also scored a podium finish at the Appennino Tosco Emiliano Contest held on the same jump winning himself a box of wine and another oversized cheque to squeeze into his board bag.

Two paramedics watch Stefan stomp a styled Cab9