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Amplid Plasma VACO 12 Helmet Nominated for Austrian National Design Award

The Amplid Plasma helmet offers unmatched fit and impact protection through the use of VACO 12, a revolutionary technology originally designed for use in orthopedic casts. VACO 12 technology is a unique collection of self-adapting cushions filled with polypropylene balls. Each time the wearer fits the Plasma helmet to their head, air is ejected from the cushions and the padding is automatically adjusted for a perfect fit. Additionally, VACO 12 technology is far more efficient at dispersing force in the result of an impact, transferring force through the balls in the cushion instead of linearly to the wearers head like conventional foams. Amplid and VACO 12’s pioneering collaboration was recently recognized with a nomination for the Austrian Nation Design Award and is currently being exhibited in the “Design Walk of Fame” at the Vienna MAK museum.
With the standard of top competitive skiing and snowboarding accelerating at an ever-increasing rate the need for uncompromising protection is now even more important. The argument against wearing a helmet is usually that helmets fit poorly or are prohibitively heavy. The Plasma’s unique use of VACO 12 technology offers a custom fit to every wearer and an adjustable head ring ensures that those between sizes don’t have a roomy, loose fit. When it comes to dealing with impacts the Plasma is streets ahead of other products on the market; impact tests show that VACO 12 technology is four times more efficient at absorbing impact forces than standard foam protection! All of this protection, fit and durability are delivered at a smoke-weight 570 grams.
Other helmet features include audio compatible snap-on ear pads with a stylish black denim outer and snug fleece inner lining to keep your ears warm on bitterly cold early days. A removable Visor with goggle airflow ventilation means goggle compatibility and mist free powder tumbles come as standard. The Plasma is available in True Black and Real White color ways with a stealthy matt finish and retails at 189 Euros.
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