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Favorite Five Fridays: Benny’s Beats

Every Friday we ask a member of the amplid Cartel team to tell us about five of their favorites. From five must have tricks you need in your repertoire to the five albums that are rocking their headphones every time they destroy the park. Weekly we’re bringing you closer to the amplid Cartel.

This Friday long-time amplid team rider Benny Deeg, the man who calls a rodeo a safety trick, takes you through five of his favorite German and Worldwide Hip Hop joints so you can download them off iTunes before your next shred.

Worldwide Hip Hop

Mos-Def / I know - Some friends and I had our “Naggede Ärsch Party” when we turned 16, and I still remember this track playing. We always thought (and maybe still think) it was so funny to wedgie dudes at this party.

Beatnuts / No Escaping This - An old party banger. You have to nod your head to this!

Wu-Tang-Clan /Reunited – This was my first real Hip Hop album. Wu-Tang forever!

Jay Z / Lucifer -My friend Jan and I spent three weeks on a Road trip through Spain with only one cassette in the car, Jay Z’s Black Album. This joint reminds me of such a good time in Spain, getting away from cops and sooo much more…hahaha

Jedi Mind Tricks / On The Eve Of War - Such a sick beat. Always Gives me confidence for really big hits.

And two close contenders -

Scribe / Not Many - New Zealands finest!

Dead Prez  / Hip-Hop - Word!


German Hip Hop

Kool Savas /der beste Tag meines Lebens - Listening to this song always makes me feel good, it teaches you somehow to appreciate what you have.

Das Bo / Türlich Türlich - Always a party banger

Fettes Brot / Schwule Mädchen – This is the best song to sing to as loud as you can when you’re drunk

Freunderkreis /Eimsbush bis 0711 - Growing up in Stuttgart this song always reminds me of good friends, good gigs and good times

Sido Aggro Berlin / Mein Block - I just love this track, I’ve spent a lot of time driving up to the mountain, listening to and singing this song. It’s just funny.