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Favorite Five Fridays: Stefan Flakeis’ Favorite Snowboard Tricks

Every Friday we ask a member of the amplid Cartel team to tell us about five of their favorites. From five must have tricks you need in your repertoire to the five albums that are rocking their headphones every time they destroy the park. Weekly we’re bringing you closer to the amplid Cartel.

Stefan enjoys a hearty Austrian breakfast of 5 of his favorite candy bars

This week Austrian kicker meister and World Cup veteran Stefan Falkeis runs through his favorite snowboard tricks. If you’re heading to the London Freeze or Modena Stomp It be sure to watch out for Stefan and show our man your support!

Powder turn - Once you have done your first powder turn it is hard to not spend your whole life searching for pow to get that feeling again.

Switch powder turn - It’s the same as a regular pow turn but it feels so different at the same time.

Backside 180 with a Crail grab or a double Tail grab - These are super fun to do, the best thing is that I need less speed with backside 180s than with any other trick. It’s the one trick that one more speed check won’t land you on the knuckle!

Cab10 - I can do Cab 10s with a lot of different grabs; I also like to mix them up with a cork as well as throwing them down normal.

Switchback 5 with a switch Indy Tailbone -  This trick feels so good! I’ve got nothing more to say about it, you’ve just got to get on a board and give it a try.