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Jonny ‘Mr Blonde’ Pickup

UK Ambush rider Jonny Pickup has spent the last fortnight enjoying slushy laps up at the Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen. When he’s not enjoying one of Hansi’s topping laden pizzas (actually that’s me) Jonny’s destroying the rail line and throwing all sorts of bizzare trickery into the mix on his Declaration. Oh and Jonny got [...]

Pickup At Penken

The UK’s latest Ambush signing Jonny Pickup emailed HQ these killer photos of him crushing the rail set-up at theVans Penken Park, Mayrhofen. With Jonny spending the winter season in Austria’s number one terrain park and his lightening fast progression to date we reckon you’ll be seeing a lot more from Jonny in the months [...]
The days are longer, the sun is baking and Mayrhofen’s Penken park is soft and slushy… it must be spring! Austrian Ambush team manager Harry J dropped this banging edit of Ambush rider Jürgen Nigg making the most of forgiving conditions and dismantling the Penken jib line piece by piece, with more style than Prince [...]