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Steve Challenged to SKATE

When Steve picked up the Saga Team phone how could he know that a couple of days later he’d bump into that same caller and be challenged to a game of SKATE. Still at AM status and with nothing to lose Steve accepted Breck local Boo Strachan’s challenge, little did he know Boo would turn [...]

Park City Out with a Bang

Well Park City resort’s winter season is now over and the perfectly sculpted park is now only a few mounds of baked slush. For Steve and the rest of the Saga crew the season went out in style with one of Evan Heath’s best edits of the season. Here’s the spoiler… Steve crushes it, but [...]

Evil Water

Ever wondered about the harmful effects drinking energy drinks can have on your health? Quit worrying, over the past couple of months Steve’s been busy running a series of highly technical experiments to determine how damaging these energy drinks are. And his findings? It’s not energy drinks that you need to be wary of it’s [...]

Steve’s Domain

Ahh… imagine the life of a Pro Skier, a playboy lifestyle, flying from one exotic mountain range to the next, racking up air miles as you dash across the globe in serach of the next line or the next world class park. Not according to Cartel rider Steve Stepp who breaks into cold sweats as [...]

They See Me Trollin’ Ep.1

Steve told us he’d been working on a top secret video project which he said we’d be “stoked on”. Well to be honest Steve, you’ve surpassed yourself; this is truly the most disappointing video we’ve ever seen. Please get to the gym immediately and do some reps… remember more medals less fictional quotes please Steve.

Hungry For Laps

Steve Stepp’s outerwear sponsor Saga have been putting together a short series of shredits they’re calling the Hungry Crew. There’s not much to say other than the skiing is smooth and styled and once again Park City shows the rest of the world how a good terrain park should be put together. No wonder Steve [...]

Dash Does Rails

You won’t be suprised to hear that Amplid’s new Cartel Team signing Dash Kamp wanted to test Amplid’s boards before signing with the brand. So this summer Dash took a handful of our decks upto Mt Hood and put them through their paces. Saga TV was there to catch Dash checking the on-rail shred-ability of [...]
I think it’s fair to say that it has been a good summer for Amplid riders at Windells, Mt. Hood. In one of the last edits of the summer months Amplid Cartel rider Steve Stepp and his buddies from his clothing sponsor SAGA shred the Windells slush tearing-apart all sorts of transitions, jibs and rails.