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Amplid Team rider Kevin Salonius starts his journey of skiing discovery in episode 2 of Rookie Season and travels to Austria to learn the art of freeriding from Andi Nitsche and Teddy Berr. And there's a surprise instore for Kevin when he travels to Flachauwinkl to ride park with Mac Minikan.

Rookie Season Trailer

Rookie Season is a four part series following rookie Cartel rider Kevin Salonius on his adventures around Europe, experiencing new terrain and snow conditions and learning from his teammates. Here's the series trailer.
German Ambush skier Andi Nitsche likes to line-up big drops. This particular drop, a short distance from the lifts of one of the Tyrol's finest ski destinations, is a whopper. With fresh snow in abundance Andi didn't even hesitate!
It was the second week of December and four weeks of warm, sunny weather had taken their toll on the many ski resorts of the Alps. In a desparate, last-ditch attempt to secure photos for the 15/16 catalogue, Amplid's team manager invited a handful of riders to Pitztal in Austria for a weekend photoshoot.

Stubai Demo Report

Last weekend the Amplid Demo Tour was at the Stubaier Gletscher with a whole quiver of test skis and snowboards. The winds were a little gusty but the pistes were in fantastic condition. Here are a few pictures from the test.

Welcome to Ost Tirol

German Ambush team skier Andy Nitsche and photographer Severin Wegener made the pilgramage last weekend to powder heaven in Ost Tirol. Snow may be a little thin on the ground in the Tirol, but Ost Tirol is enjoying a bumper season.

How To Become a Pro

If there's one question that Amplid's team manager receives more than any other it's "Can you send me some stickers please?". The next most common question is "How do I go pro with Amplid?". Team rider Andy Nitsche and his homies recently put together this instructional video.

#Hashtag-Gang @ #Stubai Zoo

Fed-up with endless social media ‘tagging’ and ‘trending’? If the answers yes, you’ll be stoked on Ambush rider Andi Nitsche’s latest tongue-in-cheek dig at the current hash-tagging craze. The only problem we can find is that it’s crammed full of hashtags which kind of #defeatsthepurpose.

Andy Nitsche in Deep

With snow conditions as good as they are in the European Alps this season, Ambush rider Andy Nitsche has had plenty of opportunity to enjoy his uber fat Lexington 185s. Andy emailed across these images by photographer Sev Wegener of him firing through pillow lines and getting creative on unconventional snow laden features.

Hochfuegen In The Sun

Last weekend a little bit of hiking into Hochfuegen’s lesser known backcountry areas rewarded Ambush rider Andy Nitsche and photographer Severin Wagener with some stunning shots.  

Head For The Trees

When the light is flat, there’s no better place to be than the trees. German Ambush rider Andy Nitsche spent last weekend in Fieberbrunn making the most of an overcast day with a wet and heavy alpine snowpack by blasting through Fieberbrunn’s feature filled forests on a pair of uber fat Lexingtons. Photographer Severin Wegener [...]

The Last Days of Fall

For the last two months Austria’s glaciers have been playing host to an International list of riders working through their pre-season training. Ambush rider Andi Nitsche hit Stubai last weekend with photographer Sev Wegener to enjoy the last week of sun-kissed Autumn before winter sets-in towards the end of this week and temperatures on the [...]

Camp of the Champignons

Amplid ambush rider Andi Nitsche a.k.a. “intern of of the month” and his grass root activity: The Camp of the Champignons – nope, this is not a misspelling … :-)

Hoodstock 2012

On Thursday we bumped into Amplid Ambush riders Harry J and Andi Nitsche on the snow. They’d been enjoying a week sliding and camping at Kaunertal, Austria’s number one spring destination for riders desparate to get a few more rails and kicker hits before the summer takes hold. Andi was particularly pleased that he’d managed [...]
When a tour in the Austrian Alps turns bad all you can do is focus on survival. Whiteout, directed by Philip Kammerer and featuring Amplid’s very own Andi Nitsche, is the (slightly shorter than epic) tale of four friends tempted out to the mountains for fresh lines when a storm rolls-in and ruins their day’s [...]

Andy Nitsche is Relentless

No he’s not been hooked-up by one of those radioactive energy drink manufacturers, although Andy’s productivity is so non-stop we’re beginning to wonder if Andy’s blood is 90% cafine. This week Andy’s been working on his elbow rail skills at the Jib Garden, Waidring. It turns-out the old adage is true, practice does make perfect.
The fact is, it’s impossible to be as busy as Ambush rider Andy Nitsche, when he’s not sleeping he’s skiing, when he’s not skiing he’s sleeping. How he fits in studying at University too is a mystery. Over the past month, while the Austrian and Bavarian Alps have been caked in fresh powder Andy has [...]
Ambush rider the Nitschester has been getting himself about this season. When he’s not on an Alpine wide hunt for fresh pow and scary rails, Andi can be found in the Bavarian Alps honing his rail technique. QParks found the illusive Ambush shredder kicking-back in Steinplatte and slaying their new rail set-ups.

Nitsche Promo Vid

Bavarian ambush rider Andi Nitsche showing his latest promo edit … hey, nice boxing entry !!!

The Festive ShrEdit

The smell of log fires lingers in the air, snow is falling heavily on mountain ranges all over the northern hemisphere and in just under two weeks everybody will be sat around a dinner table stuffing themselves with turkey. What better time for an Amplid ShrEdit, featuring skiing and snowboarding from the Amplid Cartel and [...]

Godfather Harry J.

Here comes the badest crew, bad as bad can be: Felix Althammer, Teammanager Harald Juen (green jacket), new team entry Jürgen Nigg, Christian Graf and Andi Nitsche after their photoshoot in O’gau, bavarian alpes. Harry has been convincing austrian photographer Felix Pirker to freeze those guys on his smart cards. The result of the photoshoot you [...]