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John Rodosky Kills Kirkwood

The Amplid team knows that Cartel rider John Rodosky is one of the best all-mountain riders out there. For the past couple of seasons John has been achieving some great results on the North Face Master’s tour and proving that like a lot of Jackson Hole locals, big mountain riding is in his blood. Last weekend John rode at the Kirkwood stop and was just squeezed off the podium into 4th place. John impressed the judges and media with his solid riding style and some ballsy fall-line drops, in their report of the event, Snowboard Mag said “Moss Halladay would kick it off for the men and put down a huge fall line cliff drop with no hesitation. His smooth riding would put him in the hot seat for most of the day before Jackson Hole’s John Rodosky would take it over. Rodosky would put down a killer run with a huge fall line cliff drop followed by some of the smoothest riding of the day.” We’re looking forward to John’s performance at Snowbird, Utah where John made the Superfinal last season, fingers crossed John will get a podium this year… he definitely deserves it.

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Watch John’s 4th place run here