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McRae Scrapping in Vars

Fresh off his huge win at the European XGames Slopestyle last week, McRae has been hiding out in the Southern French Alps with a crew of world class riders for the Vars Tournament. Based on a similar concept to SKATE but using the letters of the host resort, the tournament, held over three days, pits the world’s best riders against each other in a winner takes all contest. And when we say the World’s best riders we mean it, the event drew Henrick Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Torin Yater Wallace, Sam Favret, Gus Kenworthy, Parker White, Antti Ollila and of course Amplid’s very own McRae Williams.

So far all we know is that McRae was drawn against the 2013 Red Bull Line Catcher winner Sam Favret in the first round and won convinsingly with a 4-0 score. Next in line for the McRae treatment is Mr Tripple Nose Butter also known as Henrick Harlaut…. should be a close match!

Here’s McRae Vs Sam Favret.