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Name for Fame Contest Winners!

Yep it’s true, the Amplid Name for Fame, the contest that has been kicking-up a storm of trick innovation and hand-in-mouth near death experiences, has drawn to a close. It took Amplid’s global Cartel team longer than we expected to pick two winners but after several pizza deliveries and more than one return trip to the local brewery they seleceted  Jakob Pavli and Willie Nelson as the winners of the 2011/12 season’s “Name for Fame” trick contest!

Jakob will be receiving Amplid’s ultimate jib snowboard the Dopamine for stealing the show with his almost incomprehensible combination of a backside 540 Rodeo and an old-school Rocket grab. In Cartel rider Benny Deeg’s words “Rodeos are one of my favourite tricks, so I’ve tried them with a wide variety of grabs. Doing them with a Rocket grab is something I’ve never even considered. I’m stoked for Jakob that he went out and threw that thing down.”

Choosing a winner from the freeski entries proved a little bit more difficult. Gabe Taube’s unique “Hand Spring”, a frontflip Ho Ho plant definitely fulfilled the competition brief and Michael Briggs with his smooth “Canonder Flip” a canon rail slide and Underflip combo came close and got style props from the Cartel, but in the end was deemed to be too conventional to take the top spot. It was decided that the Amplid Provoke skis will go to Willie Nelson with his enormous backflip double nose grabs. The team just couldn’t get over Willie’s complete disregard for personal safety, launching huge “Full Nelsons” off 40ft drops and stomping them

Thanks to everybody who took part in the competition and watch-out for Amplid’s Secret Spot competition dropping soon!