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Splitboarding Mt. Blanc

Amplid Ambush rider Nico Antony has spent the spring camped-out in Chamonix, enjoying some of the best early summer conditions in recent history. On Saturday Nico finished his Spring freeriding mission by splitboarding his way to the top of Mt Blanc, Europe’s highest peak with an elevation of 4,810m (15,404ft) on his Morning Glory Split and then riding down it’s crevasse lined North Face in June pow. As you can see, the Ambush takes its product testing duties very seriously! Here’s the report in Nico’s own words:

“On June 8th, for the first time in history, an Amplid Morning Glory Splitboard reached the top of Mont Blanc! I reached the summit after waking up at 1am and hiking for 8 hours, it was quite technical and hard at the end (I had no crampons on my spark bindings) but I had perfect weather conditions. I dropped-in shortly after reaching the peak into the North Face with incredible powder, and 2500m of vertical drop!
Now lets go to the beach!”

The superlight Amplid Morning Glory Splitboard will be available from September and includes custom cut Kohla climbing skins and Karakoram board clips. It is designed for effortless ascents and pow surfing descents.