Dec 11, 2007


Wow – another extreme item straight out of the extreme world. Released in 2005. The colours on the cover are quite up to date. Not the content though. Check this review from a not so happy customer:

“I started watching this and thought it was some kind of a wind up, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I could only watch about 10 minutes before I had to turn off (perhaps it get’s better but I doubt it). Judging by the ski kit the footage is 10 + years old. In places the quality is worse than my own ski holiday videos. And as for extreme – go to any major resort on a deep pow day and you are likely to see far better sking than this. I have never written a review before but feel others should be warned. If I could have selected zero stars I would have done.”

So tell your granny NOT to get you this flick for x-mas.

Tags: Trash