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Winning in Chile

If you follow the Amplid blog you’ll already know that Spanish Cartel riders Luka Melloni and Pako Benguerel have been in Chile for the last month travelling around the Andes and enjoying an endless winter. You might also have seen 4bi9′s video entry to the Eye of the Condor competition that both riders were a [...]

The Haka Chronicles

Markus Haka is one of the Amplid Ambush Academy riders who really impressed the Cartel over the last season. When Markus sent us his season edit with him dominating the Finnish streets on his Amplid LoBro, we just had to post it. From gnarly POV transfers to closeout down rails this edit is quality.
Jonny P’s name might get you thinking of an early 70′s DJ with a handlebar mustache and Vinyl collection littered with Cat Stevens, but in fact Jonny is one the UK’s hottest up-and-coming rail riding talents. To further his skills, Jonny spent four weeks this summer instructing at the Folgefonna glacier in Norway. With a [...]

Luka & Pako Hit Chile

Spanish Cartel homies Luka Melloni and Pako Benguerel have been chasing the endless winter this year with trips to European glaciers, the Westcoast Sessions and for the last month Chile. In Chile Luka & Pako hooked-up with the 4bi9 crew including filmer director Mike McLeod and riders Lj Strenio and Karl Fostvedt to take part [...]
For most Europeans summer’s a time for sipping Mojitos on the beach and enjoying the long evenings. Not for UK Ambush rider Jonny Pickup who made the pilgrimage to Norway’s summer snowboard paradise Folgefonna for a quick fix of the white stuff. While he was there Jonny hooked-up with the Mushroom crew and bagged some [...]

Luka Summertime Chillin’

Luka Melloni has more style than Don Cheadle’s wardrobe. Luka’s skiing is all about the smoothest butters and presses on the hill and when he wants to get airborne his hand drag rotations are so effortless and precise that you’ll wonder if you even saw him initiate the spin in the first place. This little [...]

Dash in ‘The Way Out’

After damaging his knee at the 6 star Davos Evolution contest in January, Dash was out for most of the 12/13 season. With plenty of physio and hard work he managed to squeeze a couple of days of filming in at end of the season at Boreal with his skier homies the Good Enough Crew [...]

Dachstein Day Out

The Freeski-Crew has a reputation for bringing Bavarian/Austrian culture into their shred edits. With the release of the trailer for their new flick STAMMTISCH this week which was jam packed with Laderhosen most will have thought they’d met their cultural quota for the summer. But you’d be wrong, because what better music to accompany the [...]
Bavaria’s Freeski-Crew just realeased the trailer for their Fall 2013 release STAMMTISCH (which if you’re interested in German means a table at a bar where the regulars drink). Shot and directed by Marinus Höflinger and featuring the riding of Amplid Ambush riders Felix Althammer, Jürgen Nigg and Chris Graf amoungst others, the impressive trailer really [...]

Awone Films Release Teaser

Over the past couple of years Swiss movie crew Awone films has released some banger edits; last year’s release “Awone Again” really showcased the crew’s riding and productions skills. The crew, which includes Swiss Ambush team rider Alex Neurohr, just dopped the teaser for their 13/14 release “Je Vais Au Rêve”, it looks like they [...]

LOS The Lost Trailer

Innsbruck based production company Legs of Steel is renowned for taking freestyle skiing to the gnarliest faces on the planet, by the looks of it their latest movie “The Lost” won’t dissapoint. Fully clothed and firing on all cylinders, Teddy Berr joined the LOS crew for a couple of film trips this winter, you can [...]

Chamonix Couloirs in May

The general opinion at the end of April was that the 12/13 winter season in Europe was one to remember; not only because of the amount of snow, but also because of how long it stuck around. Little did we know that a week from June, French Ambush riders Nicolas Antony and Morgan Sauerwald would [...]
There must be something in the water in Norway because the amount of freeski talent up there is mind blowing. Norwegian Ambush rider Fredrick Bergan is one of those talents and the edit he just dropped with SKINANIGANS! proves it. Nice vibes in this edit courtesy of Kendrick Lamar.

Bendik in TGP Vol.4

It seems that with every TGP release Andreas Hatveit, Oystein Braten and Amplid Ambush rider Bendik Oye are opening the world’s eyes to a handful of new rail tricks that have never been done before. This volume is no different with tricks so technical they’ll make your head spin. All Posts

Anton Tevajärvi Season Edit

Finnish Ambush team rider Anton Tevajärvi has been riding and filming with fellow Ambush rider Niklas Turku and his homies 22 Productions over the last season and he managed to capture some footage to showcase his shred skills. Anton’s smooth, laid-back swag style is the perfect fit for this black and white edit and its [...]
This week the West Coast Session Team edits went live. Catch the videos on the WCS vimeo page and keep an eye-out for the white bases and green tips of the Cartel all riding next winter’s Syntax skis. Here’s a quick reminder of which Cartel riders were on which team. Steve Stepp and Luka Melloni [...]

They See Me Trollin Ep.3

Terminal Amateur status is a terrible affliction for any wannabe ski pro. In the latest episode of They See Me Trollin’, Steve Stepp heads to Colorado to find-out what the life of a pro is all about, loses his long time outerwear sponsor and puts himself forward for pioneering surgery in a final, desperate bid [...]

Sweeney Todds Season Ender

With Mt Bachelor open well into May it’s a long season for any local, but for Tyler Orton, Amplid’s Justin Norman and the rest of the Sweeney Todds crew it’s also been a productive winter too with a ton of success from the Sweeney Todds edits. With so much footage in the bag Tyler just [...]

LSM’s Earthshine Teaser

For the last four years Russian film crew Life Steeze Media’s releases have progressed from raw shred movies with spirit to full scale cinematic productions showcasing the best skiers and snowboarders Russia has to offer. Amplid Cartel rider Dima Makrushin’s video parts with LSM are always jaw-dropping. From the teaser, it looks like Earthshine will [...]

Winding Down in Finland

Finnish Amplid Ambush Academy rider Lauri Lehtonen forwarded this chilled edit of him and his homies making the most of a single rail on a solitary, withering patch of snow. Ending the snowboard season and starting a summer of BBQs all in one day… what could be better? You’ll also catch a glimpse of the [...]
Mid April and the pow was still falling thick and fast at Mt Bachelor. JNorm and handful of Bachy locals hooked-up with filmer Pete Alport to make the most of the late season flurries. John Rodosky has already proved that the Creamer is capable of dismantling heavy freeride lines on the Freeride World Tour and [...]

ATS X Amplid Video Rookie

Amplid Spain recently teamed-up with online mag All The Ski! to find a rider to join Luka, Noah and Pako in representing Amplid on the Iberian Peninsular. The field of entries has been whittled down to a solid 25 which in the next few days will be cut to five finalists. The winner of a [...]
Last week Amplid riders Justin Norman and Dash Kamp hit Mt.Bachelor for the Superpark week in sunny spring weather. There’s no-doubt that Superpark’s oversize set-up is consistently one of the gnarliest on the planet… this year was no different. Justin bagged a couple of epic shots on the monster step-up with the Snowboarder Mag crew [...]

AAA Challenge #5 Winners

  Five months ago, Amplid opened its doors to the first intake of young talented riders to the Amplid Ambush Academy. The aim of the Academy was to find riders that were not only skilled skiers and snowboarders but also media savvy; able to produce edits and promote themselves through social media. Amplid’s partner in [...]
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