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For years now, the UNW8 has been a favorite of some of our reviewers. It’s a pretty demanding board, but paired with an advanced rider used to the feel of a full-camber board, the UNW8 offers a precise and poppy ride in a lightweight platform. It’s ideal for those who like to go fast and who know how to use a full-camber profile to their advantage. That said, its lack of rocker and stiff flex pattern demand deliberate, precise input, especially in challenging conditions. It also makes the UNW8 feel a bit less playful than many softer, more freestyle-oriented options here (e.g., the next board).
The Millisurf continues to be a favorite of ours because of how much performance (and just plain fun) it provides on the descent, given how light it is. It surfs powder easily, is a blast to carve, and feels great on the skin track (stated weight of ~2850 g for the 161 cm). Similar to the Never Summer Swift, the Millisurf feels very surf-like while carving, yet rides similarly to a more traditional board with a supportive tail (in contrast to the shorter Venture Euphoria or Rossignol Sushi).
When one has been living snowboard design and manufacturing for more than 35 years - can those skills one has acquired during this period be called “experience”? Probably! One thing we know for sure, it’s how we design and manufacture our boards at Amplid: Differently! Therefor we need to bring forth the courage to leave beaten paths, and to question existing raw materials and manufacturing processes...
The Snommelier easily cuts through dry blower pow and wet spring pow, feeling exceptionally fast and encouraging giant, arcing turns in situations where smaller boards can feel sluggish or twitchy at speed. If you frequently ride big, open lines and prefer high-speed, drawn-out turns over tight carves and slashes, the Snommelier could make for an excellent addition to your quiver.
The Pentaquark is one of the most fun and effective groomer-specific carving boards we’ve used. There are a lot of boards listed here that are more versatile, but the accessibility of the Pentaquark’s carving capabilities makes even the blandest of snow conditions fun. If you’re looking to add a board to the quiver that’ll help you make the most of groomed trails, put this one on your list.
You have a medium flex that doesn’t seem to mellow out in the tip/tail and might even be a touch stiffer at the ends. The Amplid Souly Grail isn’t easy to butter for average riders but it pops really hard on an ollie. I love how dynamic this flex is for how damp it is. This is what really makes the Amplid Souly Grail shine as a board. It has incredible vibration/chatter absorption. It can handle hard microbumpy snow just as well as soft, uneven snow. I don’t think I’ve ridden a board this damp with this kind of flex.
I love the way they lift the sides because you only feel the more smooth turning experience from the lift in powder and really soft snow. On groomers it doesn’t feel washy and you only have a normal camber feel. This means you get a pretty locked in feel that isn’t washy like some boards with lifted sides or spoon nose tech. This is not that easy to skid a turn if you get off your game but it tracks soo well one footing and flat basing.
Discover this captivating and ever-expanding lineup of innovative, one-of-a-kind riding snowboards crafted to introduce fresh sensations while carving through pristine groomers or gliding through deep powder. With their larger-than-life dimensions and unconventional contours, these backcountry marvels transform the entire mountain into a playground of surf-inspired excitement that surpasses even your wildest imagination.
Oh yes, we are totally psyched - the Milligram scored once again - but at this point we'll let BLISTER REVIEW do the talking: "We’re glad Amplid hasn’t seriously altered in the Milligram since its introduction, because it’s still one of the most impressive splits we’ve used in terms of performance-toweight ratio. This is one of the lighter splitboards on the market, but we think Amplid has done an excellent job of creating a light board that’s also tons of fun on the descent. If you dislike extremely stiff and heavy splitboards but still want one that performs similarly to a solid board...
An electrifying fraternity of speed-thirsty rockets, built to carve up the mountain with pure adrenaline. Introducing the Centrifugal Collection snowboards, where Amplid's cutting-edge technologies and precision construction merge seamlessly with finely-tuned geometries and powerful cambers, creating an unstoppable force on the entire hill.
Constructed with durability in mind, the Tour Operator and the Surf Suittle are the beacons of light for all committed split fiends whose seasons start with the first snowfall and end when the valley’s in shorts. This reliable workhorse packs in many of Amplid’s fabled technologies for a high-class riding experience, but with a friendlier psychogram that’s good to go straight out the box.
Last season we handed out a Microsurf Split proto to one of our filmers @dani.niederkofler from Italy. Dani’s original plan was to go on a trip to shoot our rider @marcgross. But when it started to dump heavily, the session turned into a powder feast, almost too good to shoot. So Dani and Marc swapped camera, and came back with a ton of sick footage. Here is a small selection - grab a beer and chips, and enjoy this Amplid short film “AND THEN IT SNOWED”
Introducing the groundbreaking "Purist Splitboards". These boards redefine value, offering greatest skinning and riding experience without breaking the bank. Our focus isn't on extravagant graphics, but on a sleek, clean matte finish that exudes sophistication. These decks are crafted for the versatile splitboarder. Embrace the pure essence of the backcountry, get ready to ride with purpose and style.
We wanted to cater to a new rider group, a group with a more minimalistic approach to snowboarding. Riders for whom no graphics are the best graphics. Who hate to own a board which will be out of fashion next winter. Who want to ride a stealth looking puristic snowboard, where the geometry’s beauty does the talking. Or put simply: Simplicity!
...our RnD team will design even better board shapes with the next round of protos to make riders out there pleased with our board, so we can harvest even more product awards. Here comes an unparalled result of awards, sprays and smiles - please enjoy our new and best product line to date. DOWN WORKBOOK HERE!
Creating a superlight snowboard while keeping this glassfibre typical smooth board feel at the same time, this is the maxim we've been striving for in this RnD-project. Juggling the balls of lightweight and durability has been the main challenge. A little bit over 2 kg, with surprisingly high fracture values in the lab and a revolutionary weightless ride – this is the current status quo. Simply by replacing wood ... with nothing! Because “nothing” has no weight!
Welcome to Top 5's where your host decides what their top 5 picks are. You might agree with them, you might disagree with them, but the fact of the matter is you're watching them. In this episode Avran gives you his top five powder gun snowboards of 2023...
The “5 Red Flags” is a system for detecting increased avalanche danger in the terrain that consists of 5 warning signs and is particularly popular in North America. Each of these warning signs points to a specific avalanche problem and proves existence in the field. The individual warning signs do not exclude each other and can overlap depending on the situation. Basically, these warning signs confirm the avalanche problems described in the avalanche report...
Need more froth worthy pow riding? Short and sweet, this quick fix is brought to you by Mario Wanger, Marc Großgasteiger the local Zillertal crew. With jaw dropping scenics and epic pow riding, this crew didn't hold back. Enjoy "Think less ride more"! Watch Amplid rider Marc Grossgasteiger and friends in this vid of pure awesomeness!
In a world in which we’re spoiled for radical designs, head-turning powslayers, pro-endorsed park sticks and artisan oddities, you might well wonder: have they been living under a rock? Haven’t they noticed that brands have been pumping out more shapes than Boris Johnson at a wedding? Yes, in this day and age, stating a preference for a standard popsicle-stick does seem to possess a lot of ‘Alan Partridge discussing the Beatles’ energy...
It has snowed all night and we go through our daily morning routine in the larger of the two Hymer Mobiles: coffee, muesli, Nutella bread, another coffee, cat shower, then prepare snowboard gear. It's the 5th day, Serbia the 5th country on our road trip to northern Macedonia on the hunt for undiscovered powder pockets in the Balkans. So far, our expectations have been more than exceeded...
Personal Thoughts: This rides super soft, it would almost be better for a lighter weight rider. Yes it’s wide and has some solid float. In low angle terrain it’s easy to pump the terrain to keep your speed on this thing. It has its place for riders but for someone like me it might be a little too soft and going to an Aloha Vibes makes far more sense.
In Action - it's as selfexplanatory as it sounds: In these miniseries you get to see our latest products in action, in its original habitat: Amplid's Centrifugal, made for precision turning. It's as simple as that. A turbocharged brotherhood of speed-hungry hot rods for carving-up the mountain. The Centrifugal Collection snowboards combine Amplid’s most advanced technologies and construction with dialled-in geometries and potent cambers.
You aim high, you aim for D+, you aim for steepness, you have a good level and purchasing power, this splitboard, not new but updated, remains a reference. A rather exclusive model, the kind of Formula 1 split...
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