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A Chat with Buoloco

If you don’t know buOLOco already, it’s a blog created by Kevin Jones and Ed Segovia packed full of interviews with people who are currently or have been involved with the Snowboard & Skateboard industry. Ed Segovia must the most well connected man in the Snowboard Industry as he’s interviewed everyone from old school legends like Andy Hetzel and Mike Ranquet to current mega stars like Jake Blauvelt. Well this week Amplid’s very own Peter Bauer joined the debate on “SNOWBOARDS MADE IN CHINA VS MADE IN EUROPE”. If you’re interested to know why Amplid builds its boards on its doorstep check this interview. Check-out to listen to Max Jenke of Endeavor Snowboards and Chad Perrin of Jones Snowboards side of the argument too.

On a side note, watch the top right of the screen at about 2:20 and you’ll see Tara Dakides trying to booty call Ed!