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AAA Challenge #5 – Peter Bauer

Peter Bauer is the co-founder of Amplid::: next level riding and despite his mountain sized workload Peter still makes the important team decisions. For the Academy members, getting their edit in front of Peter for this last challenge is a great opportunity to prove that they have what it takes to be part of the Amplid team. However, representing a brand isn’t just about how good somebody’s riding skills are, in the current era of social media it’s also about producing slick edits with smooth production and getting as many people to view that edit as possible.

For the last challenge of the 2012/13 Amplid Ambush Academy, Peter wants the Academy riders to create a 60 second season edit, using a combination of their best GoPro and support camera footage from this winter and then promote it via various social media platforms and websites. The winners of the challenge will be the skier and snowboarder who has produced the slickest edit and attracted the most viewers.