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AAA Challenge No.1 Winners

For the last week the Amplid Research Cartel has been watching through the many edits submitted by the Amplid Ambush Academy members as part of the first challenge set by McRae Williams. The challenge was to create a 60 second edit featuring 5 tricks or features in a row filmed continuously with no cuts in the footage. After putting the vote to the cartel riders it was decided that Simen Aarseth Gjelsvik’s Park City lap was the best skiing edit and that Tyler Morton’s incredibly smooth and stylish park run should take the snowboard win. Other edits that really impressed were from skiers Sam Viseur and Tanner Bordeau and from snowboarders Markus Haka and Roman Kristl who both put together runs with big kicker spins and techy rail tricks. Alex Gavic and Lauri Lehtonen deserve a mention for thinking out of the box and putting together some creative edits. Now it’s time for challenge no.2 with Mr Teddy Berr… we can’t wait to see what the Academy rippers produce!