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Alex Martini & Stept Productions Win IF3 Award

Huge news from Cartel team rider Alex Martini. Alex and the rest of the Stept Productions crew took home the ‘Best Jib Movie Palm’ at this year’s IF3 movie awards with their latest release Weight. No mean feat, and even more impressive when you consider that Stept Productions is the only film company to ever move from the AM category to PRO and then win a PRO award!

Weight documents the exploits of the Stept crew as they travel the streets of Boston and Chicago in search of the biggest rails in the world, while running into some inspiring characters along the way. When the cities dry out, the weight is lifted, and the crew finds themselves skiing neck deep powder, and pushing the limits of jumping. As you can see from the trailer, this is a movie you HAVE to own in hardcopy!

At the moment Alex is resting-up and studying hard but his thoughts aren’t far away from the coming season and the next movie in the pipeline; in Alex’s own words

“Things are really looking-up for this next season too, way bigger budget and way far ahead of schedule on getting the new movie started and planned! The plan is to win Best Pro Movie next year at IF3 and I think we are well on our way.”