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Amplid Shred Recipes : : : Episode 1

How do you design a new ski or a snowboard? How long does it take? When a new material is introduced into the construction how do you know it’ll ride good? What makes good geometry and how do you tweak the shape to give a ride a different feel? There a so many variables that combine to make a shred that Amplid decided it was about to time to bring the black art of ski and snowboard design into the shredding public’s consciousness.

Amplid Shred Recipes is a three part series with insights into the R&D process at one of the most innovative ski and snowboard brands on the planet. Episode 1 starts with introductions to Anian and Peter the two men behind the brand and a little background on Amplid’s history. The two then explain the fundamentals of board and ski geometry and how tweaking key elements of the shape changes the way a product rides, and of course what the limitations are. Episode 2 explains the process of RnD; dropping on 19th December.