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Instagram #amplid

Hendrix and an Amplid Greenlight Snowboard… one is green and one smoked green – @tylerortonphoto

Every month Amplid will be choosing its four favorite #amplid tagged Instagram images on the blog. From men in bear suits humping a Dopamine to the more visually appealing work of professional photographers like Tyler Orton, whatever catches our imagination will get posted. So make sure you get your Amplid photos up on Instagram and remember to tag them with #amplid… otherwise we won’t be able to find it and you’ll get all upset because you think we don’t love you, but we do… it just gets complicated, so remember to tag your photos.

Styling a freeride Daffy on this year’s Hill Bills – @einemo92


Does anybody else wish they were cutting fresh tracks on a Paradigma right now? – @micahbaird
How? Why? Really? Ouch! – @Lassebogen