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The Amplid Ambush Academy

Amplid Ambush Academy Invitation

Today Amplid in partnership with GoPro the world’s most versatile camera launched the Amplid Ambush Academy. The Academy is a grass-roots sponsorship program created to find young, unsigned and talented athletes with next level riding, media production and self promotions skills for the International Cartel team.Amplid co-founder Peter Bauer said:

“It’s crazy how being a pro rider has changed in only a few years. Building a career five years ago meant begging to get on magazine trips or praying that sponsors could afford to pay for a spot on next season’s big movie. Now it’s all about filming and editing your own movies and using social media to promote yourself. Amplid needs team riders with this complete skills package and the Amplid Ambush Academy is about finding them.”

To find-out more about the Academy and to submit an application visit the dedicated Academy page on