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Vars Edit in a Day – Luka Melloni

So if you keep-up with the European and particularly the Spanish freeski scene, then you’ll know that Luka won this year’s annual ATS Primetime comp. As his prize Luka got to go on an ATS ( video shoot with the guys from POPTHESPOT to the French resort of Vars, which is nestled in the Alps about 40km north of Nice. We recieved an email from Luka saying that they didn’t have the best of luck with the weather, meaning one day was all they had to shoot the movie and they could only ride 3 of the usual 5 parks. As you can see from the edit it looked like some hard conditions to ride to their best in, but Luka and the rest of the crew nailed some sick tricks. Read the full story here, but brush-up on your Spanish first: Full Article Link