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Lapping the park with friends can make the best days. Falling over and laughing about it: Sticking a difficult trick perfectly: Ollying "SLOW" signs. Whatever you choose to ride, it's always fun. In this POV camera edit, Aaron Berger and his buddies are just having fun.
Swiss Ambush rider Aaron Berger and a crew of his buddies hit the JATZ park in Davos for a style heavy shred session. A particular highlight is the backside nose butter at 1:26.
Every year the Rideaholikz park crew in Davos run a small contest. Riders from around the Swiss resort show-up to compete for the hoard of goodies awarded to the winner. Ambush rider Aaron Berger stormed the contest with all manner of inverts and hand plants.

Double Page Shred

Swiss Ambush rider Aaron Berger scored a nice little double page spread in Swiss shred mag Whiteout, in an ad createdby his shop sponsor Beach Mountain. Swiss pillow lines on the Amplid LoBro, that’s what dreams are made of!


There ain’t no virgin lip left. Little pillow drop in his backyard called “Jakobshorn” in Davos. Nice backyard. One must know that Aaron Berger actually is gardiner by profession, so when the flowers are covered he needs to get busy in a different way, as long as it’s outdoor.
Too much snow to ride and film, too many downdays. Good enough to edit what has been filmed in the previous days … enjoy Aaron and friends in the latest RUKisode, shredding Davos / CH.
  When swiss ambush rider Aaron Berger is not partying, he is getting busy destroying features. Successfully.  Keep you eyes open for Aaron as he is on his way up … Photo: Simon Heiniger    
Daniel “Gummi” Rietmann has invited once more a celeb heavy pro list this year:  Nicolas Müller, Mario Käppeli, Patrick Müller or James Niederberger have been decorating the event with their presence. The setup was a kicker, with a cheese-wedge to be bonked, and a wallride corner or- optional – a long downrail. Ambush rider Aaron [...]

Being Into Pussycats

Aaron Berger, summer shredding without comments :-) !

Conveyor Tailgrind

Ever heard about that trick? No? Switzerland’s ARC icon Aaron Berger has invented it. Here comes Aaron, like always late, trying to catch his plane – redefining the meaning of “wheelie bag”.

Found on my harddrive …

If Aaron Berger would be as up to date on his deck as he is with computers, he’d do a backscratch or a twister on that photo. But we forgive Aaron for being low tech, as he is high tech on his Dopamine. Davos Jakobshorn, approx. 2 months ago.

Aaron Berger …

… gets going during an early morning park session @ Jakobshorn, Davos. Shot by Chris Willmott.
Stormy Showdown in the Snowpark Lenzerheide – AMPLID Rider Aaron Berger Dominates the Park Crowd It all looked perfect at the beginning: clear skies, brilliant sunshine … hadn’t there been the wicked wind. There wasn’t much of a choice and so the decision was made to do a jibcontest in the lower park area. Despite [...]
Here flies swiss ambush rider Aaron Berger on his Dopamine during the Arosa Chill & Destroy Tour. Aaron is one of those riders who represent the reincarnation of stoke. Here – on his way to place 4th at the CaD Arosa tour stop. Photo: B. Wiedenhofer / CaD
This is swiss ambush shredhead Aaron Berger a.k.a. Baron Ärger. Check out why …
… shown in Davos last week. Riding his brandnew VERDICT.
Watch ambush rider Aaron Berger and friends shredding Davos, Switzerland. Aaron is the personified motivation. He is the guy on the parking lot at Jakobsbahn, welcoming you at 07:30 in the morning with a smile while showing you your parking spot. All that for a season pass and some Swiss Francs. And a guaranteed progress [...]


Ambush rider Aaron Berger abusing April in-town snow debris in Davos, Switzerland, on his new Verdict.

Aaron Berger

If you jump like this…: … you will end up like this: Aaron Berger a.k.a. Baron Ärger from Davos, Switzerland. Shredneck, parking lot guardian, fashion designer, taylor and womenizer all in one. Keep your eyes open for that kid …