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Welcome to the Academy

The response to the Amplid Ambush Academy was incredible. Within a month the ARC had recieved hundreds of applications from talented riders wanting to be a part of the Academy for the 2012/13 season. Recieving the applications was the easy part; it then took an entire week to sort the applications and with the help of Amplid’s Cartel International riders whittle down the applicants to 20 successful skiers and 17 snowboarders. The successful riders had to be athletes we could imagine  alongside McRae, Steve, John, Justin, Dima, Pako, Luka, Teddy and Dash on the Cartel team roster; riders who are at that level now and riders with the potential to develop into these riders in the future. We’re super stoked and very proud to present the class of 2012/13:



Quin Aiton Canada 17
Jeff Amantea Canada 20
Bernhard Braun Germany 20
Eirik Moberg Norway 15
Alexander Eriksson Norway 16
tom erik haukland Norway 17
Marius Jensen Norway 18
Simen Aarseth Gjelsvik Norway 21
Simen Gundersen Norway 18
Olov Engström Sweden 17
Alex Hall Switzerland 13
Sam Viseur USA 19
Mickey Moran USA 16
Tanner Boudreau USA 20
Mike Cappola USA 17
Carson Kerr USA 16
Fritz Arthur Hanseler USA 19
Willis Maverick Engelhart USA 21
Zack Bukovich USA 18
Ben Howell USA 22



Thomas Wolf Austria 19
Fabian Fraidl Austria 19
Lauri Lehtonen Finland 23
Markus Haka Finland 23
Markus Ingo Finland 23
Charlie rowland Great Britain 21
Daniel Diedrich Germany 20
Lucian Berkmüller Germany 21
Andre Diedrich Germany 23
Mitch Wayment USA 18
Timmy Taussig USA 20
Roman Kristl USA 18
David Pistono USA 22
Daniel Rodosky USA 21
Tony Hagedorn USA 28
Alex Gavic USA 22
Tyler Morton USA 25